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Meet The Chefs

Get acquainted with the skilled chef responsible for the delectable creations at Yue Restaurant & Bar.

Chef Kenny Chang

Kenny Chang


Step into the world of culinary excellence guided by the visionary, Chef Kenny Chang. Born into a Thai-Chinese family immersed in rich traditions, Chef Kenny's culinary journey 
began amidst a tapestry of heritage. His mastery of traditional Chinese cuisine is a testament to his innate talent, effortlessly wielding the wok and crafting Cantonese dishes with equal finesse. Imbued with boundless creativity, unwavering passion, and deep-rooted pride, Chef Kenny has dedicated over 15 years to perfect his craft.

Having graced the esteemed kitchens of Marriott and Shangri-La hotels, Chef Kenny's expertise resonates profoundly through his creations. His artful fusion of authenticity and innovation invites you to explore Chinese cuisine from a fresh perspective, promising an expedition for your taste buds that's nothing short of delightful.

Chef Lee Kuan Foo

Lee Kuan Foo

Chef Lee is multilingual in the culinary world, fluent in four languages and wielding a global palette of favors. His expertise knows no geographical bounds, having crafted culinary experiences across Dubai, India, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand. He conducts a flavorful symphony in every exquisite dim sum dish that harmonizes diverse tastes. Join us in savoring his culinary masterpieces, which showcase his profound passion for authentic dim sum.